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Sentiment 03/2019

Once again the fear of the slowdown of the economies, indeed still not dissipated, has been ignored by the markets, also accomplices the two main central banks in “dovish” version  on rates.

However, let us examine the state of the markets through our usual indicators.


  • Sentiment index (all.1) - still remains in neutrality area despite the rise of SP500;


  • SP500 (annex 2) - SOX (all.3) - the recover equity index, in a slow but steady movement,  approaches the maximus . We pointed out how SOX index (H.Tech companies) is relevant. Also from this latter  there are encouraging signs  having exceeded all-time highs and now projected for new targets;


  • Q. Index (all.4) - the indicator, now complete in all its  data , gives us a picture compatible with the uptrend recovery;


  • MSCI Word (all.5) - let end with the graph representing the participation of the main world stock exchanges; this indicator is still included in a decades-long upward trend.

In conclusion we reiterate the opportunity to remain invested in the equity that at present promises to reach new highs.


Giorgio Giovannoni