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Sentiment 01/2019


" The market scenario is further complicated not only for the large losses recorded on almost all assets,  exception for  gold and US government bonds, but due to the contrasting signals coming from various indicators and recent macroeconomic  data"”

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Sentiment 06/2018

The equity markets in June continued the route to the south marking new lows . Some indices, moreover, are officially  in a "bear market".

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Sentiment 05/2018

Equity market’s scene is getting complicated. Very negative month was May for some European markets, with a strong sell-off for the Italian and Spanish indexes , as well as for some emerging markets (Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Malaysia).

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Sentiment 04/2018

Another time the equity market surprise us with a reversal of trend and, while last month we wrote about the potential risks of correction, today we reflect on other option of a positive recovery of the primary trend.

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Sentiment 02/2018

Last month, in this section, we provided the parameters to identify the first alert signals in the stock market trend, after the  February’s  correction.

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Sentiment 7/2017

The considerations of excessive optimism on the markets and the various assets, which have long argued in this section, find further confirmations this month with some deteriorating data.

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